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    I've been working in IT for over 20 years.  I started working with computers at 11 on a Commodore 64 and then later upgraded to an Amiga 500 with a Bodega Bay and 20 meg SCSI hard drive at which time I was also involved in the old BBS scene.  Afterwards I went to school for Computer and Robotic Technologies where I worked on building and circuit design for Robotic Systems.   
    I then went on to teach for Microsoft and proceed from there into Infrastructure Design and Implementation. 

    I kept my original Commodore 64 and Amiga tucked away in a closet with everything I originally had except for the Bodega Bay.  I pulled these out a few years ago and started playing with them again.

    Now I have gotten back into the Retro Computer scene and started picking up old Commodore and Amiga Equipment.  As I gather some of this equipment I found the obvious issues with them dealing with battery leakage and cap leakage on the Amiga Computers.  I then started honing my soldering skills and put together and repair setup to repair my machines.  After a little research I found that there weren't many people to did full board level repair on this equipment other than maybe cap replacement which I can do, but full board level repair isn't usually an option for some people out there so decided to make my skills available to others that may need help.